The Bottom Line

Penned by Meredith

So many of you have asked about the pricing for our pre-natal care down here in Costa Rica. I am here to tell you… it is beyond reasonable.

Here is a mini-breakdown thus far:

OB-GYN Appointments with Dr. Daniel Nisman: $120 per monthly visit (this will soon be bi-weekly as I have entered the third trimester). Includes a nurse check-up, a 45 – 60 minute visit with the doctor, ultrasound with 3D and 4D images, generally about 5 – 6 photos and a DVD with the entire ultrasound on it.

Pre-Natal Vitamins: $13 for a monthly supply of 30 pills.

Initial Blood Work: $80 for my very first blood work exam.

Hemoglobin Blood Exam: $8 for the occasional hemoglobin exam Dr. Nisman orders.

Urinalysis: $6 for my monthly urine exam.

First Round of Glucose Testing: $8 for the disgusting sugary beverage and one blood draw for the exam.

Second Round of Glucose Testing: $24 for the even more disgusting beverage and four blood draws for the exam.

Iron Deficiency Pills: $15 for a monthly supply of 30 pills.

Pediatric Cardiologist Appointments with Dr. Carlos Mas Romero: $260 for two complete EKG’s of baby Lola’s heart in the womb. This also included two full exams of all her other organs.

I wanted to make note of the fact that every ultrasound and EKG we have had has been performed by the doctors themselves. There is no ultrasound technician and no waiting in agony for any type of test result. The doctor is there to physically perform the ultrasound, to evaluate every aspect of your baby’s body, to explain to you what you are looking at and to ultimately guide you through your pregnancy as he sees it through his very own eyes. It is an astonishingly comfortable feeling knowing this.

While we are already experiencing the financial pull of bringing a child into the world, we are incredibly lucky that health care is so affordable. We will continue to document the costs we endure as we progress in the pregnancy. We must still factor in the birthing classes as well as the actual birth itself, so stay tuned.