Posy Lane

When we first began this blog, it was simply a way to stay in contact with our friends and family as we embarked on our journey in Costa Rica. Little did I know, we’d get pregnant, have a baby and that amazingly awesome baby would have some challenges in her life. What once began as silly scribblings about life has turned into not only a place to document Lola’s extraordinary existence, but it has become a resource for people from all over the world. Parents looking for hope in the darkest of days when their beloved child has just been diagnosed with West Syndrome, mothers yearning for a virtual friend who can say in all honesty “I know what you’re going through,” and others who just admire watching our little girl navigate her way in the world. Over the months as the blog has gained more traffic, I began to get various offers from businesses to try out different products. Up until now, I have turned virtually every one of them down as they simply didn’t fit with this blog…that was until recently.

I’d like to introduce you to Posy Lane. Posy Lane is an online boutique that specializes in unique gifts, specialty items, stationery, custom embroidery and monogramming and much more. They have everything from preschool nap mats, towel wraps, stationery uniquely designed for children, baby blankets, day planners and toddler backpacks just to name a few. They were so kind to send over a Stephen Joseph Quilted Toddler Backpack custom embroidered for little Lolita.

Along with being irresistibly adorable, the Stephen Joseph backpack is exceptionally made. I immediately noticed the finer details such as the durable stitching, the fact that it is made out of 100% cotton meaning it can be easily washed and just the overall quality of the backpack. It is light making it easy for children to carry and it has adjustable straps making it a perfect fit for your child. I am confident it will last Lola for many years to come and soon enough, I’m going to start making her carry her own diapers. Kidding of course…well maybe not.